Whistler Junglists Podcast Episode 002

Whistler Junglists Podcast

Episode 002

This week we have a mix recorded on Jan 02 2011. Here we enter the sound of L-Mighty. A little shredder from England who spend the season with us ripping up the mountain by day and slaying the turntables by night at the Whistler Junglists Sunday nights at Tommy Africas.

Also in the mix your host DJ Phroh with a few dubwise classics to keep things interesting.

Dubconcious was the headliner of the night but i’m not sure if too many of tracks in his set made it into the recording because the recorder ran out of battery so we only got a small portion of the night.

Nevertheless we are gonna have Dubconcious back soon to do it all over again.

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    Whistler Junglists Podcast Episode 001

    DJs IllEagle, Phroh and Adam Bomb

    DJs IllEagle, Phroh and Adam Bomb

    This is the first ever episode of the Whistler Junglists Podcast. We will be featuring a mix that was recorded on Boxing Day, December 26th 2010 performed by Adam Bomb, IllEagle, and Phroh.

    It was a slammin good night, lots of peoples, lots of tourists roaming into the bar checking out the night, and all the locals were out fresh from a few days of holiday celebration ready to dance off those yummy turkey dinners on the Tommy Africas dance floor.

    A good time was had by all!

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    Thank you for listening!

    Check out the photos from the night:

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